Black woman we are beautiful and intelligent, but because society always views us as the lowest of the low we start believing that. Our beauty is not appreciated as much as other races, we only make the cover of vogue, Elle or Instyle twice a year. As black woman we need to start to create more of our own visual art such as our own magazines, we need to have more Ebony magazines, Essence magazines, True love and Destiny magazines. We need more black comedy’s television series where we not being stereotyped as fools.


As much as we love and pay attention so much to our music we should have the same passion for our visual art. Whether it is television, movies we need to have our own production houses to show our version of events. We need to have our own high class magazines to show how we see beauty and how we see the world. We need to own things we need to have our own high class fashion houses we need to own our own production houses and networks. We need to own our own banks, we need to own oil, diamonds and gold because we are capable and just as intelligent as those who are viewed the highest in society. We just don’t have unity amongst each other.


We think we are better than other black female because you have lighter skin or that you have wavier longer hair. Please note: beauty amongst us as black woman does not come in one skin tone, it does not come in one particular feature or one type of body size our beauty is diverse and not one type of beauty is superior to another. In terms of life experience black is black whether you are American, Nigerian, and South African or from London as black woman we face similar struggles every day and we have more in common than we think. We are intelligent, creative and beautiful and life will start to begin once we start believing that. It first starts unity amongst each other and self-belief.


As much as we still have a long way to go I want to thank all the black woman that have put us on the map and that strive to encourage us. I want to thank comedy series such as Blackish, insecure by Issa Rae and Atlanta by Donald Glover. I want thank black woman that are encouraging you black girls such Khanyi Dhlomo who is the founder of Ndalo Media and creator or destiny magazines. I want to thank True Love in South Africa, ebony, essence magazines and all the black owned magazines out there. I want to thank all the black owned production houses such as OWN they are living proof that we can make it.


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