Age Defying Milk-OLAY

This product is a must during winter. In winter our skin normally dries up quickly and our normal face cream does not do a great job. Instead of purchasing a heavy face cream that is too oily and rich rather use the age defying milk by Olay. Age defying milk is lite on your skin and protects your skin from drying up and cracking. This product is more of a conditioner than anything else so after applying it you can apply your normal face cream.

Step 1

Wash your face

Step 2

Take the age defying milk massage it on your face

Step 3

After massaging it on your face, you can take damp or dry cotton and wipe it off your face. Thereafter, you can apply your usual face cream.



When I apply the age defying milk on my face it gives my face a rash, so instead of throwing it away or making it collect dust, what I decided to do is use it as a hand conditioner. The beauty about this is if you use it as a hand conditioner you don’t have to put hand lotion on.

Here are the steps:

Step 1

Wash your hands

Step 2

Take the age defying milk and massage it on your hands

Step 3

Take a dry cotton or towel and wipe the age defying milk off.

If you want to apply hand cream afterwards it’s optional. Even if you don’t apply hand cream your hands won’t be dry.



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