FOOD: Chef To Da Baddest In Da Game! 

You can have the best skin care routines and sleep for more than 8 hours but all of that is useless if we don’t eat well.  Eating well is really not easy at all at times, but I don’t believe in one punishing themselves in order to look good or get your skin intact. I believe that if you going to eat unhealthy food or you have a bad craving you must eat an minimum amount, example if you eat a slab of chocolate a day, you can cut the quantity by having a bar of chocolate a day, or if you craving fried chicken buy the smallest combo . Therefore you can have what you want at a limited quantity and thereafter, you can eat healthy food that benefits your skin and body.

One way to get inspired to eat well is by knowing that all healthy food is not tasteless. You can go on Instagram and check out healthy food that looks extremely yummy. One of the people you need to check out is Chef Debbie Solomon, who is Rihanna chef.  Her meals look healthy but tasty.



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